2024 Study Guide

GHSA Baseball Umpire Development

This study guide is to prepare GHSA Baseball Umpires for the 2024 GHSA Baseball rules exam.  The study guide should be used like a test.  Answer the question in the guide on your own, then go over the entire guide with your local association at training meetings.  The purpose of this study guide is to get you into the rule book and case book so you can develop a greater understanding of the rules.  After using the study guide as a test, and after you have received the correct answers, look at the question that you did not get correct.  Look those questions up in the rule book and highlight them.  You can then use this to see the rules that you need to review periodically.  You MAY use the study guide while you take the online exam. 

If you have any questions, please contact your District Coordinator.

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