GHSA Baseball Umpire Development

Is dedicated to providing education & training opportunities to GHSA umpires, while also offering resources to the 28 local associations to aid in the development of their members.

The key to becoming a better umpire is constant study of the rules and of mechanics

Off-season study is the key to improving as an umpire.  Our Umpire Development Camps are an important part of off-season study.  There are also many links on the website to further your study of rules and mechanics.  If you have any questions about GHSA Umpire Development Camps send them to [email protected]

To produce top level umpires, associations must have top level training programs

Associations looking to improve their Training Programs can find guidance and valuable information in our “Training” Section.  Customized training programs are also available by contacting us at [email protected]

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