2023 Rules Exam Study Guide

The 2023 Baseball Rules Exam Study Guide has been released and can be found in the Documents section of the website, or by clicking the button below.

Our suggestion for using the Study Guide is go through and answer the questions like you would a test. Once you complete the questions, go back and watch the videos and take the quizzes for each sections, take note of the questions that you missed the first time through. One suggestions has been to highlight the rule in the rule book pertaining to the question you missed. This will give you a quick reference during the season of the rules that you need to review.

Each association should also go over the study guide question as a group to ensure that everyone has the correct answers. Then when you take the exam online (access HERE available 1/30 to 2/13) you can use the Study Guide while taking the exam. Each association Training Director will have the correct answers to the questions. If you need assistance, contact your District Coordinator.

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